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Decor For Mexican Kitchens
Adobe style homes seem like a natural place for a Mexican kitchen, so let’s take a look at the elements that will give your home that Mexican kitchen look and feel. The Mexican culture has a great love of bright colors. You have probably noticed this if you’ve ever gone into an authentic Mexican restaurant. Bright ceramic tile in Mexican-style motifs are a good way to begin creating a Mexican-style kitchen. The tile can be used on the counter or even as a backsplash on the s ...

Tips For Designing A Kitchen
When you start out to design your own kitchen, you will probably be surprised at how many types of kitchens there are. Your life circumstance will largely determine the type of kitchen you want. Do you still have a large family at home? Are you looking to design a gourmet kitchen? Is your house small or large? Will a starter kitchen suffice? Okay. Now let’s say you have some children still living at home and maybe you have family and friends over for meals from time to time. ...

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Love Your Modern Kitchen
What seems modern to us today will someday be seen as old-fashioned and out-of-date. Think of your great-grandmother’s kitchen. She must have thought she was completely modern…and she was at the time. She had things that accomplished the tasks needed but not with the same ease and efficiency that technology affords us today. Let’s take a tour of the modern kitchen and compare it to your great-grandmother’s kitchen. Let’s start with the refrigerator. Great-Grandma had an iceb ...

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