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What seems modern to us today will someday be seen as old-fashioned and out-of-date. Think of your great-grandmother’s kitchen. She must have thought she was completely modern…and she was at the time. She had things that accomplished the tasks needed but not with the same ease and efficiency that technology affords us today.

Let’s take a tour of the modern kitchen and compare it to your great-grandmother’s kitchen. Let’s start with the refrigerator.

Great-Grandma had an icebox. Just as the name says, it held a big block of ice that melted into a pan underneath. If she forgot to empty that pan she would soon find a big puddle of cold water on her kitchen floor. Her icebox was quite small and didn’t hold much and, by modern standards, it didn’t keep things very cold.

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Today’s refrigerators provide large capacities and specialized functions for storing different types of food. Temperature controls can regulate different temperatures for different areas of the fridge such as meat, vegetables and beverages. Ice and water dispensers are standard features on all but the lowest-priced models on the market. Your great-grandmother’s icebox has certainly evolved!

Let’s move on to the stove. Great-Grandma probably had a wood-burning stove. Keeping the wood supplied was a chore in itself and stoking the stove was a constant necessity. While it made the kitchen warm and toasty, it was a labor-intensive job. Baking was not an exact science in a wood-burning stove, as temperature regulation had no dials to set for proper baking results.

The stove in today’s modern kitchen would astound Great-Grandma. Electronic oven and stove controls, porcelain stovetop, countdown timers and radiant baking and roasting ovens provide a dazzling array of modern conveniences. Imagine how she would marvel at a microwave oven where you can heat up a frozen dinner in just a few short minutes or pop a bag of popcorn in less than 4 minutes.

Let’s look at Great-Grandma’s sink. The only garbage disposal she knew was the family dog. Garbage was dealt with first-hand and it hung around a long time. Today’s garbage disposals swallow up most vestiges of garbage produced in day-to-day living in our modern kitchens.

That concludes our tour of the modern kitchen. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to cook in Great-Grandma’s kitchen?

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