Mexican Kitchens

Decor For Mexican Kitchens

Adobe style homes seem like a natural place for a Mexican kitchen, so let’s take a look at the elements that will give your home that Mexican kitchen look and feel.

The Mexican culture has a great love of bright colors. You have probably noticed this if you’ve ever gone into an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Bright ceramic tile in Mexican-style motifs are a good way to begin creating a Mexican-style kitchen. The tile can be used on the counter or even as a backsplash on the sink. Ceramic tiles interspersed on an earthy, stone type of floor can help to carry the theme as well.

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Talavera ceramics of all kinds can add an authentic touch of Mexico to your kitchen. Talavera sinks, pots, vases and candleholders are a few of the options that are available to you.

Ebay or local artisans can be a good source of hand-crafted Talavera tiles. These are often one-of-a-kind items that make your kitchen truly unique.

Imagine how a few wooden spoons in a stoneware or Talavera ceramic pot would add a Mexican flair to your counter tops. Wooden vessels of any kind such as bowls, serving utensils and dishes all play into the theme.

Rustic Mexican furniture is an earmark of the Mexican kitchen. Handmade wood tables, chairs and barstools that include hand-carved decorations would fit nicely in an Adobe-style home. Pine and Mesquite are the two types of wood used for authentic Mexican furniture.

Hammered copper is another mark of Mexican culture. A hammered copper sink would enhance the natural look of your Mexican-style kitchen. An added benefit to a copper sink, besides its natural beauty, is that bacteria cannot live on copper surfaces. Hammered copper sun-faces or a hammered copper hood over your stove are typical Mexican décor.

Additional elements to include in your Mexican kitchen are hand-woven baskets, hanging strands or clusters of chili peppers and open wooden cupboards with bowls, plates and cups within easy reach. Local pottery shops may have some stoneware and handcrafted design elements with a flavor of Mexico. Take a trip to the local flea market and be on the lookout for Mexican style knick-knacks that will enhance the feel of Old Mexico in your kitchen. Aztec type of statues or bright ceramics are little touches that can tie everything together.

You can use some or all of these decorative elements to create the look and feel of Old Mexico in your own home.

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